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Stainless Steel Valve kits

Complete Accessory Kit 1.5 in.


Complete Accessory Kit 2.0 in.



These accessory kits include a complete drain valve installation, micro sample valve and ferment lock. They combine the VF1, BV3, SV2 and FL1 units or the VF2, BV4, SV2 and FL1 units respectively. Compared with purchasing the items separately the AK kits offer savings of 20% or $43

Sample Valve

Catalog number: SV3


A Flextank exclusive this US designed and manufactured valve is loosely modeled after light aircraft fuel test valves. A spring loaded piston is depressed using the tool provided to allow wine to flow from the valve. The O ring seal is protected inside the body of the valve. When closed the wine track may be completely flushed with sulfur solution from the outside using a squeeze bottle. It may also be used for introducing sparging gas into the wine.

Ferment Lock

Catalog number: FL1−The ferment lock is a one way pressure release valve that opens at approximately 0.1 PSI pressure. It screws into the 2 in. threaded fitting included in the lids of both our ECO and Dexter style lids. A new screw in bung with the center knocked out, an adapter and the valve are included.

Floating Skins

a. Skin for 30 Gallon ECO Tank

b. Skin for 80 Gallon Dexter Tank

c. Skin for 300 Gallon Dexter Pallet Tank

Tri-Clamp x Female NPT Adapter, 2"TC x 2" FNPT

Perfect for the RMX Wine Tank vavle.

Also availble in a reducer version to 1-1/2"

2" Ball valves for RMX Wine Tanks

Removeable Butterfly Valves

Removeable Ball Valves



Sizes: 2", 3" and 6"

Gasket Materials: Viton, EPDM, PPN

Threads: NPS, Metric, Camlock

6" Lids for RMX Wine Tanks



Sizes: 6" and 9"

Styles: 6" Solid, 6" w/Solid or Vented Plug

Gasket Materials: Viton, EPDM