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Make Superior Wine using the 21st Century Solution to Wine Maturation and Save Time, Space & Money.

ECO Flextank
30 Gallon

Our smallest tank, the 30 gallon ECO 30 is popular with home winemakers and used in larger establishments for experimental lots and topping wine. The tank shares the performance attributes of our larger Maturation tanks. The 6 inch opening provides great access for cleaning or addition and removal of oak adjuncts. The lid opening is large enough to use this tank as a punch down red fermentor. These tanks can be worked entirely through the top opening or using a full range of high quality valve accessories. Molded in inserts provide rugged and reliable valve attachment.

ECO Flextank
70 Gallon

Principally designed as an economic replacement for oak barrels that fits within standard transportation and storage systems. These tanks are not as versatile as the similarly sized “Dexter” 80s with their 19 in. top opening but are a good option if wine maturation is the principal intended use. 6in. Diameter opening provides access for cleaning and oak.

The PL1 Racking Pallet with contoured center “lug” option adds handling ease with fork truck or pallet jack and allows space efficient storage on pallet racking.

50 & 80 Gallon

The 80 gallon DEXTER 80

Maturation Tank is sized to accommodate average juice yield from 0.5 ton of
grapes and fit efficiently into transportation and storage systems. Versatile tank finds use as a small batch fermentor as well as maturation storage.

The optional Racking Pallet with contoured center “lug” option adds handling ease with fork truck or pallet jack and allows space efficient storage on pallet racking with random access to the stack.

Apollo Egg Fermentor
230 Gallon

The Egg shaped “APOLLO” brings new versatility to wine making. Use as a primary fermentor and as a storage/maturation vessel. Eject pomace straight into the press using our forklift mounted pickup and rotation accessory.

The ALS1 is a simple but elegant solution for lifting Flextank’s “Apollo” fermentor and tipping pomace into a bin or press basket

Dexter Stacker Flextank
240 & 300 Gallon

The 300 gallon STACKER tank (and a 240 gallon version) features a stacking cage that allows convenient movement or stacking with a fork truck up to three high. The tanks may also be elevated on a fork truck to facilitate gravity racking.

Supa Tuff Bins
½ ton & 1 ton Fermenters

The Flextank Supa Tuff Bins come in a 1,000 lbs. & 2000 lbs capacity..

  • FDA Approved material
    Two-piece, flat bottom, easy to clean construction
  • Anti-jam stop at bottom
    4-way forklift and pallet jack entry
  • Stack three high when full
  • Lids are included with these bulk containers
  • Ideal for small batch fermentation
  • Ferment over 1/2 ton of grapes
  • Solid wall construction
  • Impact resistance
  • Up to 10 units fit in one pallet space for shipping