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275 Gallon RMX
330 Gallon RMX

The RMX Wine Tank

The RMX Wine Tank is great for short term storage, racking, bottling, & bulk wine sales. It is also for transport of materials for the chemical and related industries that require containers that are both safe and economical. Made of Food Grade HDPE plastic. And can be stacked 3 high when full!

Sizes: 275 & 330 Gallons (1000 & 1250 liters).


  • Inner container:
    High molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion blow molded, shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents
  • Outer container:
    Rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid, with a large identification plate.
  • Molded bottom shell:
    Pressed galvanized steel base shaped to support the inner container and assist total drainage
  • Pallet:
    Steel or plastic pallet, 4 way entry
  • Filling opening:
    6" (150mm) opening with screw cap and o-ring seal; option: additional 2" BSP threaded ventilating plug 9" opening available without UN certification
  • Discharge valve:
    Protectively placed valve with outlet sealed by aluminum lined PE foil, closed by o- ring, PE disk and screw cap. Complete discharge through: 2-inch Ball Valve with NPS threading.
Gallons Capacity 275 330
Length (inches)4848
Width (inches)4040
Height inc. Pallet (inches)4653
Weight w/Wood Pallet (lbs)150157
Weight w/Steel Pallet (lbs)134157
Weight w/Plastic Pallet (lbs)143159