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Winetank Features:

The Winetank is the optimum stainless solution to wine making, including a dimple heat transfer surface to facilitate targeted cooling objectives. All standard Winetank products come equipped with a food grade interior weld finish.

Standard Features:

−304 stainless steel construction.
− 22 1/2” diameter top fi ll opening with 2”
− Sanitary clamp style connection in center of lid.
− 2” sanitary 90Ί elbow outlet in “no heel” sloped bottom of tank facilitates complete drainage.
− Lifting/stacking lugs.
− Standard sizes range from 120 gallons − 790 gallons.


− Dimpled heat transfer surface for cooling.
− Interior USDA finish or Food Grade weld finish.
− 1 1/2”, 2” or 3” Sanitary racking fittings.
− Thermowell for temperature monitoring.
− Sanitary butterfly valves and sample port valves.
− Open top model available.
− Additional sanitary fittings available.
− Several manway styles and sizes are available.
− 17” x 13” side door manway.