Vino ProTanks Advantage

What are the Advantages and Benefits of the Vino ProTank Stackers in your Cellar? See these Game-Changers here:

  • Stack 3 High Full! Up to 900 Gallons of Wine Storage in just 1 pallet space!
  • ¼ Turn Large Locking Lid! Easy to install & Airtight! No threads, no fuss, no mess, installs in Seconds!
  • Tassalini Sample Valves! Pulling a sample without making a mess is easy with our high Quality Tassalini Sample Valves!
  • Sloped Bottom! Achieve full drainage when you open the valve with our Patented Slope Bottom & Wedge!
  • Stainless Steel Valves! High Quality Stainless Steel 304 Valves, Flanges & Clamps. Peace of mind for long term use!
  • Two Wall Thickness Options! The Vino ProTanks are available in 2 Thicknesses to Simulate a 2nd Year Barrel or a Neutral Barrel!