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330 Gal RMX Portable Wine Tanks

330 Gal RMX Portable Wine Tanks

157.00 LBS

"Brand new" poly 275 Gal & 330 Gal RMX Wine Tanks! Great "Short Term" storage tanks for Bulk Wine Transportation, racking, blending & bottling. Don't trust your valuable wine to a used tank, when you really don't know what could possibly have been in their previously! Also known as IBC Totes.  

- Prices are FOB our Shipping Locations.  You may "Will Call" or we can get a freight rate for you from: Napa Valley CA, Riverside CA, & Portland OR.    If ordering less than 10 units, go ahead and "Check Out" and we will get the best shipping rate available for you, with your approval.  "Volume Discounts are Available, Please Inquire"

- 6" Lid with 2" Center NPT Thread Bung.
- 2" Poly Ball Valve.   Tri Clover Adapters available in 304 SS.
- 2 stock sizes available; 275 gal & 330 gal.
- Both will stack on top of each other up to 3 high when full!
- Made of brand new Virgin FDA Approved High Density Polyethylene. With a 2" Ball Valve, NPT thread. We utilize a reconditioned outer galvanized steel cage in great condition.

- These RMX Wine Tanks are for "SHORT TERM" use, and recommended for less than 4 weeks of storage.  Great for Bulk Wine Shipments, Racking, Bottling & Blending. For longer term storage, we recommend the Vino ProTanks that are much thicker, and will allow favorable Ox Permiation similar to a 2 Year Old Barrel. 

 ** CALL FOR STOCK at 949.289.3208. 

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