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Stainless Steel Portable Wine Tanks

Stainless Steel Portable Wine Tanks

Tanks for Wine, Inc. offers the best selection of commercial grade vessels which can help reduce costs and time spent making high quality wine. Our tanks include features to meet today’s industry standards while providing options to meet your specific needs. Our Stainless IBC’s superior containers, crafted with 304 stainless steel as standard and 316 stainless steel, are custom designed for shipping, handling, blending, distilling, and storage of wines, juices, beverages, flavorings, alcohols and distilled products.  Browse our products page to discover how you can save time & money while yielding the best quality wine possible.  Standard Sizes 126 Gallon, 350 Gallon & 550 Gallon.  Inquire for pricing and lead times.

  • Constructed with heavy duty 10 gauge 304 Stainless Steel 2b finish.
  • Removable 22″ dia. Cone Top Lid to enhance degassing during fermentation with 2″ sanitary weld ferrule, clamp, gasket & cap; Bolted plated steel lid clamp ring to hold lid in place.-42 ” x 48 ” Base Dimensions
  • 2″ Sanitary elbow, clamp, gasket, and cap on tank outlet. 
  • White Food grade lid gasket, snap on style, for ease of cleaning.
  • Formed legs, 8″ tall to allow for sanitary valve installation, and for pallet jack & forklift handling.
  • Four combination stacking pads
  • “No Heal” Bottom
  • Three -way forklift entry
  • 3 High Stackable
  • 10 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Sizes from 120 gal up to 790 gal

Options include :  Dimple Cooling Jacket,  Side Manway, Thermowell, Racking Port, Sample Valve, Clamp or lever lock lid

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