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Vino ProTank Stacker - 300 Gallon "Aging"

Vino ProTank Stacker - 300 Gallon "Aging"

300 Gallon Vino ProTank Stacker. Available with our Wide Mouth Vino ProTank Lid.  Options include Tassalini Sample Valve, and 1.5" or 2" Bottom Valve Kit.  Stack them 3 high in your cellar to maximize your Vertical Storage!

CHOOSE YOUR THICKNESS: The Vino Pro Stackers are available in 2 different thicknesses to help you determine the correct amount of Oxygen Permeation that is right for your Cellar; "Aging" & "Storage."

Vino ProTank “AGING” Tank thickness designed to simulate Oxygen Permeation favorable for Red Wine.  Similar to a 2nd year Barrel.  Approx 9 Mil per liter per year of Oxygen Permeation.

Also available: Vino ProTank “STORAGE” Tank thickness designed to simulate Oxygen Permeation favorable for White Wine, Cider and Spirits.  Similar to a Neutral Barrel  Approx 6 Mil per liter per year of Oxygen Permeation.

Powerful Features: *Proven ¼ turn lid can easily be installed by the user in seconds!

  • Patented slope bottom design with our wedge gives the user full drainage!
  • Polyethylene tanks made with USDA Food grade resin.
  • Heavy Duty All Poly Pallet base for longevity and durability.


180.00 LBS

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